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Highlights hair for men and women is a technique where less than the normal amount of light-reflecting pigment is deposited on the hair. This creates an effect similar to that of sunlight shining through strands of hair. Highlights can be applied to any type of hair in order to either lighten dark hair or add more dimension and movement to desired hair color. 

You should only go to a professional stylist for highlights. A professional knows your hair type and can choose the best color, density, and placement of short hair highlights for you! Highlights are definitely worth the money because they do not damage your hair as much as other styles might; it is also meant to make you feel more confident in yourself which makes it worth it.

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I decided to try coloring my own hair, and that did not turn out so well. I called Aileen and she came in the next morning and fixed it. I get so many compliments! She does my wife's hair and people stop us on the street asking us who does our hair! We love working with her and the salon is always nice and clean!

Savanna Newey

My hair needed, yes, Thairapy. As hard as I tried, I could not tame it's wild ways, so I began the search for the right Thairapist for my (horse tail, rat's nest, mangy mop, witch wig) um, hair. Finding a great and talented stylist, I discovered, is as hard as finding a fabulous dental hygienist, but I had SUCCESS! I found Ailene! She took the time to get to know me, my life style and my overall needs. And my hair, which is thick, heavy and annoying. She honestly told me what would suit me best. Ailene shampooed (favorite part) my enormous amount of hair and gave me an attractive yet easy to maintain cut. It can be wash-n-wear, sporty or elegantly styled. She heard me well and knows I might not have a stylist visit for another 6 months.

Patricia Gardner

Who doesn't want to walk into a salon that's clean, bright and has all the right vibes?!? That's only part of what you get upon entering Thairapy Salon El Paseo, the rest of the good stuff comes after the magic happens at the chair!
I love Thairapy on El Paseo. The staff is friendly, the salon is clean, and the owner is amazing! Not only is Ailene an amazing salon owner she is a GREAT hairstylist and a color specialist. If you're looking for great service and a clean salon or a color correction, visit Thairapy!

Marlene Ruttenberg

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What makes a professional hair highlight worth the money?

A hair highlight is a great way to add excitement and style to your hair. When done in the correct way, they can last for months and give you that blonde bombshell look. Highlights are also a great option for covering grey hairs or adding dimension to your existing color.

Why get them?

Depending on where you go, highlights can add a little to a lot of money to your hair color. While it may seem like that's adding insult to injury, the benefits definitely outweigh the extra cost. Highlights allow you to add dimension and depth into your existing style while also covering up any greys or lighter sections all at once. They can be done in so many ways and will give you that perfect blend of blonde, brown, or whatever color you choose. Ask your stylist the best way to go about getting them done for an end result that will leave others green with envy.

How are they done?

There are many ways to get highlights added to your hair, depending on what look you're going for and what color your hair already is. Highlights are done in sections, usually using foils to separate the hair into smaller pieces so they don't mix together and create an uneven look. A lightener or ammonia-based tint is put on each section of hair, leaving them only for a few minutes before the stylist washes it out and starts over. With each round of highlighting, more and more hair gets added to the mix.

What makes a highlight worth it?

When done by a professional, highlights can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks or even longer depend on how often you wash your hair and what products you put in it. The lightener used for highlights is much less harsh than the one used for covering greys, meaning that they don't damage your hair as much and can keep it strong.

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