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Hair coloring techniques are constantly evolving, and the newest style to come out of the hair trends scene is Balayage.

What does it mean?

Balayage (pronounced Buh-LIE-yahj) is a French term which can be translated to "sweeping." This technique was originally used in painting to describe a style where the paint is swept across the canvas. Balayage hair coloring works by carefully hand brushing out small sections of hair with lightener, leaving some streaks of color.

Balayage hair coloring results are not only noticeable but also have depth and dimension to them compared to standard high contrast highlights or other highlighting techniques.

When Balayage is used?

Balayage has been popular for years in Europe but Balayage hair coloring techniques are now being used worldwide. Balayage looks best on fine to medium hair types with a medium to high level of natural lightness, which probably explains why it's looked down upon in South Asia due to the low percentage of naturally light hair. Balayage is a great technique to use on clients with a round face because it helps diminish any harshness around the jawline and cheekbones. Balayage also works best on long haircuts that have plenty of length because it will add texture throughout your hair

Balayage can also be applied to short haircuts, but it's best if the haircut is longer to ensure that there is visible sun-kissed color all the way around.



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Thairapy Salon El Paseo hairstyle
Thairapy Salon El Paseo hairstyle balayage

Is it a good idea for my hair type?

Balayage can be applied to most hair types, but because this technique works best on fine to medium hair types, it's best to have a professional colorist apply this technique for you.

Balayage is especially great for people who want their natural hair color but with a little added oomph! It's going to get rid of any strong regrowth lines that are caused by traditional foils.

What is the final result?

Balayage hair coloring results can be as natural looking as you'd like, but it's difficult to remove if the color ends up too strong. The great part of Balayage is that it's easily customizable, so if you like your Balayage hair coloring technique to be more on the natural side, all you have to do is ask your colorist.

Balayage is also versatile in the sense that you can go from lighter Balayage to darker roots within minutes!

Balayage hair coloring services are especially popular prior to summer when clients want their color to pop. Balayage is also a great option for brides-to-be who are looking for a new Balayage hairstyle look to go with their fresh Balayage makeup look.

What you should know?

The Balayage technique is not for the light-hearted! Balayage requires regular maintenance when compared to other colors like ombre and highlights because there will be a strong regrowth line without Balayage touch-ups.

Balayage touch-ups are done about every three months, but it depends on your natural hair growth. Balayage color will often fade quickly because the sun naturally lightens the color of Balayage highlights. Balayage is also a very expensive option so consider this when doing Balayage at home!

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