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Thairapy Salon El Paseo is a full-service salon that offers cuts, color, extensions, babylights and more. Our stylists are committed to delivering exceptional service to all of our guests. We provide the best hair care treatment in Palm Desert by using top quality products for your hair needs. If you’re looking for an incredible new style or just need some minor tweaks - stop on by!

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Thairapy Salon El Paseo

Salon Address: 73725 El Paseo STE 22D, Palm Desert, Ca, 92260

Phone: +1 (760) 346-6137

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Tuesday - Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM

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Why you need to see a good Hairstylist

Thairapy Salon El Paseo provides our diverse clientele with precise haircuts and skilled color treatments on a regular basis. Our varied team adds their own talents and specialties, resulting in work that is unique, intriguing, and custom-tailored to each customer.

Choosing the appropriate hue or cut for a woman's hairstyle can be difficult. With new trends and ideas emerging all the time, there are thousands of different styles to select from.

It is also critical to discover the ideal style for you at any given moment. The proper haircut or style may have a significant impact on how you appear and feel, as well as how you carry yourself.

Every client receives the same attentive care every time they go to the salon, and everyone in the crew works hard to make customers feel good about their new haircuts.

Hair, as an artistic medium, grows and changes with time, which is why Thairapy Salon El Paseo and our stylists have committed to keeping up with the times. The foundation of everything we do is continuous learning.


We love cuts - from Classic to Club, we're all about shape and texture. Allow us to assist you in creating a style that fits your face shape while also accentuating your most prominent features by sitting down with an expert.


Color options are endless. From vibrant hues to subtle tones and earthy colors, we have it all. Let our team of world-class colorists customize your hair color to complement your skin tone and personality.


We provide a variety of expert hair services such as color correction, highlights, and balayage; haircuts; and a variety of hair treatments. Keratin, deep conditioning, and other delicate chemicals are used in these procedures to help you get the most out of your locks.


Our experts are well-versed in the most up-to-date methods, including scissor and razor cutting, skilled balayage and foil placement, as well as bridal styling, makeup artistry, modern male grooming, and barbering.

Our staff is constantly learning technical and fashion-based education, from the catwalk to the pavement. Art may be found all around us; we simply need the vision to recognize it and the competence to put it into action.


According to a 2013 survey, a woman's connection with her hairstylist is more likely to last than the average marriage! We all know it's not easy to break away from someone who understands (who totally "gets") your style.

Allow us to be the matchmaker for the ladies who are still “playing the field” when it comes to their hair. Our stylists are constantly learning and have diverse skills in all areas of hair and life.

Call us now and let one of our Salon staff match you with the ideal stylist for your needs, or go through our team page to discover your match!


I decided to try coloring my own hair, and that did not turn out so well. I called Aileen and she came in the next morning and fixed it. I get so many compliments! She does my wife's hair and people stop us on the street asking us who does our hair! We love working with her and the salon is always nice and clean!

Savanna Newey

My hair needed, yes, Thairapy. As hard as I tried, I could not tame it's wild ways, so I began the search for the right Thairapist for my (horse tail, rat's nest, mangy mop, witch wig) um, hair. Finding a great and talented stylist, I discovered, is as hard as finding a fabulous dental hygienist, but I had SUCCESS! I found Ailene! She took the time to get to know me, my life style and my overall needs. And my hair, which is thick, heavy and annoying. She honestly told me what would suit me best. Ailene shampooed (favorite part) my enormous amount of hair and gave me an attractive yet easy to maintain cut. It can be wash-n-wear, sporty or elegantly styled. She heard me well and knows I might not have a stylist visit for another 6 months.

Patricia Gardner

Who doesn't want to walk into a salon that's clean, bright and has all the right vibes?!? That's only part of what you get upon entering Thairapy Salon El Paseo, the rest of the good stuff comes after the magic happens at the chair!
I love Thairapy on El Paseo. The staff is friendly, the salon is clean, and the owner is amazing! Not only is Ailene an amazing salon owner she is a GREAT hairstylist and a color specialist. If you're looking for great service and a clean salon or a color correction, visit Thairapy!

Marlene Ruttenberg

Driving Directions for Palm Springs to Thairapy Salon El Paseo

Head east on E Alejo Rd toward N Calle Encilia 1.6 mi
Turn right onto N Farrell Dr 2.0 mi
Turn left onto E Palm Canyon Dr
Pass by El Pollo Loco (on the left in 2.4 mi) 4.3 mi
Continue onto CA-111 S
Pass by Panera Bread (on the right in 5.4 mi) 6.0 mi
Turn right onto Larkspur Ln 0.1 mi
Turn left onto El Paseo
Destination will be on the right 0.1 mi
73725 El Paseo #22d
Palm Desert, CA 92260, USA

About Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a destination for those looking to relax in the hot springs, play some golf courses and shop at stylish hotels. The city's midcentury modern architecture provides an interesting look into history while also being attractive enough that you'll want spend time exploring all its nooks & crannies!
When the Cahuilla Indians first discovered this place, they named it Palm because of all the ancient palm trees. In 1884 John Guthrie McCallum moved in and built his resort around that time period when he established business for himself to be used today as well!

Palm Springs is a unique and fun vacation spot that will appeal to both types of people. When you're in the area, don't miss out on visiting these attractive structures from midcentury modern design as well as an old Hollywood star's hometown - where they used to party with Frank Sinatra!

Palm Springs offers an ideal vacation destination for families. The city has many attractions that are sure to please children, such as go-karts and batting cages in addition to scenic national parks just outside its border with Mexico on one side or California's Salton Sea which borders it eastward towards San Diego County—all within reach if you're looking for some outdoor fun!

There are also plenty more things than any standard indoor day at home could offer: waterparks including Split Rock Waterpark; botanical gardens where visitors can see rare plants from around the world like magnolias blossom during springtime--to name only two examples .

Palm Springs is the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to enjoy warm weather, beautiful scenery and plenty of activities. The city has a temperate climate that allows it remain moderate year-round with average highs around 60 degrees Fahrenheit in December [-15 Celsius].

There are many different neighborhoods you can choose from when making your trip down south; each offer something unique but equally as amazing! Whether looking forward or relaxing back at leisure - do not miss out on this unforgettable experience tonight because tomorrow might be too late.

This is the perfect getaway for anyone who needs a little break from their busy life. Whether you're traveling with family or friends, Palm Springs has something that will suit everyone's taste! The city offers many activities to keep tourists entertained while they are here - there really isn't any lack in terms on things do within these four walls.. If only every place could be this scenic...

Whether you're looking for a quick getaway or plan on making Palm Springs your new home, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep anyone entertained. With perfect weather year-round it's never too early (or late) in the season!

A little vacation time couldn't hurt in this beautiful city that has so much going on at all times throughout every day--planning ahead will help ensure an unforgettable experience without any stress whatsoever thanks to its amazing amenities like museums filled with history as well outdoor areas full sunbathing animals including hawks soar overhead while Big horn sheep graze nearby.

Things to Do In Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Moorten Botanical Garden

Mount San Jacinto

Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum

Cabazon Dinosaurs - World's Biggest

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Indian Canyons

Greater Palm Springs

Driving Directions from Palm Springs to Palm Desert

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Thairapy Salon El Paseo

Whether you’re looking to maintain your current style, have a special event, or want a whole new look, you can trust the diverse team of professionals at Thairapy Salon El Paseo to design the look you want.

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